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Even as a little boy I loved going to work with my father to see what he was doing and how he was doing it, at that time I never imagined that I was going to be on my own to run the company much sooner, from the age of 15 I actually worked within the piling company on a mobile piling rig. On March 7, 1968, my father passed away at the age of 53 from a heart attack who had been the founder since 1937 of Fa. P. van 't Wout and Heiwerken Nederland N.V. At 20, I was suddenly on my own to carry on the businesses.

In 1972, I acquired the materials of Fa. P. van 't Wout sold and the name Heiwerken Nederland B.V., converted into Piling P. van 't Wout Waddinxveen B.V. During this time, we have built a 20-year partnership with Vroom Funderingstechnieken and is partly due to the IHC Hydro hammer the vibro pole type HBF developed and evolved into a reliable pole system of which yours truly was the pioneer.

Taking a step back

In October 1999, unfortunately, at the age of 53, I too was struck by a heart attack and relinquished all the enterprises I founded in the year 2000.

In all my foundation years, I have developed several pile systems and patents and housed them in several foundation companies on the market. After 2000, I became involved in soil displacement drilling piles.

A new beginning

In 2001, I Bovi Foundation Group B.V. founded to market the soil displacement drilling piles and pull them hydraulically after piling and vibrating like the current type vibro-pile. In 2007, Bovi Foundation Group B.V. was sold and we continued to develop steel drilling tips with grout injection.

While developing at this time our drill points, it was of great importance to get the right urgent of the drill blades in the interest of the correct bar pressure which is matched to the grout addition.


As Drilling Technology Netherlands we now supply steel drill points from stock, fitted with conical thread type SIP or drill points with welding chambers for welding to the pipe.

As practical works are made with limited working height, we have gained the experience of enlarging the grout chamber to avoid blockages during the stop of welding.

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