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Cones and Headplates

Cones and head plates are essential components in the foundation industry. They are applied for additional support and stability during drilling and are available in a variety of sizes.

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Cones: indispensable in foundation work

Cones are indispensable in the foundation industry. These cone-shaped objects are screwed onto drilling piles for extra support during drilling. They come in different sizes depending on the size and diameter of the pile.

In this data (image on the left), you can see the version of the cone, which is matched with the thread 114 mm and 139-168 mm. This allows you to choose twelve variants, with these three types of drill points and the cone in combination.

End plates: essential for added stability

End plates are used for additional stability on smaller piles that are manufactured with drill work. They are made of strong material and are placed on top of the drilled piles, where they serve as a base for the foundation. This distributes the force that the foundation would normally exert on the small pile, and thus can increase the load. The end plates are also available in different sizes to match the diameter of the bored piles.

These cast end plates, have a dimension of an outer diameter of 350 mm and a thickness of 30 mm and the sketch plates for additional support of the bearing capacity are 10 mm. These end plates are used in practice, to increase the used pipe diameter of the pile-drilling pipes and optimize the bearing capacity under the concrete floor.

Various sizes

There is also a central hole of 40mm, intended for the passage of the rebar. These end plates are available from stock for pipes: Ø88,9mm, Ø114,3mm, Ø139,7mm, Ø168,3mm.

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Cones and head plates are crucial components in the foundation industry. They provide additional support and stability during drilling and are available in different sizes. Cones solve a difference in thickness between different drilling piles.

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